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Discover how you can live a healthier, happier and more productive life with a Precision Health Optimization plan based on your genetics, lifestyle, and goals.


Forget Who You Think You Are...


 Empowering You To Live Your Best Life


Your genetics have played into your entire life experience.  So we dive deep into your genetics and discover potential genetics and remove inhibitors that prevent you from accessing your highest level of health and performance.


We base your personalized plan on upgrading your health and performance.  This powerful plan is used to highlight your strengths and provide support and opportunities for improvements to create the life of your dreams.


You are provided the tools and support to optimize your health and well-being. Using leading edge science, your genetics, and high performance medicine to find going to new heights will be easier and more accessible for you.


Our expertise is empowering your ability to perform while improving your health.  Live at your optimal levels and access high performance in all areas of your life. Which can have direct result on achieving your goals.

The Difference is YOU

Our regimens are based on YOU. We leverage the leading-edge genetic and epigenetic science and the latest research in physiology, psychophysiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance and positive psychology.

Personalized Health Plans Based on Your Genetics

We see you as a whole person and consider lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and your genetic laboratory testing. Genomic Categories We Assess: Sleep, Detoxification, Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Loss, and Athletic Performance. We analyze the results and consider what may be activating or suppressing gene expression. We then create a personalized plan to optimize your health based on your genetic needs.


"Our goal is to help you access peak health and high performance for life. We do this through our high performance plans that are customized specifically to you. We look at your specific genome to uncover the weaknesses and the strengths to help prevent disease and catalyze optimal performance. We also examine specific environmental and lifestyle triggers that need to be addressed such as inflammation, toxicities and bacterial ecology to help optimize your performance and potential!"

Wesley Fox, DC & Sarah Fox
Genetic High Performance Coaches

Exclusive Opportunity

Because of the nature of our individualized approach we are very selective of who we accept into our program.

We offer opportunities to  maximizing health and going far beyond wellness to achieve a state of limitless human potential.

To be considered for our program you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You want to take a proactive and preventative approach to your health and ready to optimize your life.
  2. You must be open to being coached.
  3. You welcome growth and development.
  4. You are ready to live your ultimate life.

Start Performing Better Today.

The world awaits you.  It's time to escape what's been holding you back and start living the life you keep dreaming about.  It is possible... you are possible.  Imagine you and your potential MAXIMIZED.  Click the button and say yes to the life of your dreams.


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