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MyGenePro.com empowers you to achieve your optimal health.
By taking a personalized approach to your health.  We support your ability your highest health expression through nutritional guidance,  including delicious recipes and health conditioning.
We provide you education on natural medicine alternatives and DIY body optimization hacks. 

How We Do It

Finding Your Baseline
Optimizing human potential requires that you first know where you stand.  We begin by performing a comprehensive baseline evaluation that includes a Health Consciousness Scale and a genetic report to determine your current level of health knowledge and your DNA blueprint.
Creating Your Roadmap
This baseline evaluation allows our Human Potential Team to create an extensive roadmap for you that they can use to facilitate individualized, precision lifestyle modifications that not only optimize potential but also can alter genetic expression. This powerful game-changing roadmap is what epigenetics is all about and it gives you the power to alter your life and destiny.
Personalized Evidence-Based Modalities
You will work with our team to co-create a customized program of precision lifestyle modifications that includes a specific group of evidence-based modalities to optimize seven foundational aspects of health. These aspects are sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, hormones, environment and brain function.
Support You Can Count On
As we work together, you receive ongoing monitoring, feedback, support and follow-up sessions to fine tune and maximize results. Our Human Potential Team is highly skilled in human potential medicine protocols to provide the precision interventions and guidance.
Accelerating Your Success
Working with our human potential team, you become the architect of your own evolution—for yourself and for the generations that follow. By making strategic lifestyle changes, you have the potential to epigenetically alter genetic expression and transform many aspects of your life.
Empowering YOU
We empower you to reach beyond your current limiting beliefs and expand your limitless potential. Our commitment to you is a purposeful intention to assist you to make lifestyle modifications that will optimize your life and accelerate your evolution with epigenetics.
Transformational Results
Optimized human potential doesn’t just transform the individual, it also transforms all of humanity. As you take an active role in your own evolution, you become an example for others to do the same. As your health and vitality increases, so does the health and vitality of the world around you.

More About Our Team

In 2015 Sarah & Wesley started a wellness practice, which grew to become one of the largest health clinics in the world and they are now sharing what they do behind closed doors to the public for the first time ever.


Wesley Fox DC, BS

Dr. Wesley Fox is a Functional Nutrition Specialist, Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Movement Expert and Certified in Human Potential Medicine with a desire to help people from all walks of life predict and prevent disease, while help them live at their optimal state of health.

He’s a world leading expert in helping people access high performance health through human potential healthcare.

He uses the latest research in lifestyle genetics, cellular detoxification and advanced genomics nutrition to create long-term sustainable success in people’s lives. These are the clinically proven strategies that his clients implemented in his practice that have seen an average of a 3-4x increase in energy, a 5x increase in wellbeing scores and an average of an 75% reversal of today’s most common disease promoting factors in 7 months.

Dr. Wes Fox grew up in Colorado living an active lifestyle of snowboarding, bike riding and running track. It was his talent in track that eventually led him to Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he ran at the collegiate level for four years.

Inspired by his love for sports Dr. Wes has been serving in the alternative health field ever since. After owning a clinic that treated thousands of patients of all ages, Dr. Wes dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge with as many people as possible.

He married the love of his life, Sarah, in Dallas, Texas. Since then they have welcomed two healthy boys and continue to practice living a life around being active and helping others. 


Sarah Fox, Health Coach 

 Sarah is a born and raised Texas girl. She grew up riding horses, spending weekends on the ranch and romping around in the mud with her three brothers and two sisters. Her passion for health and performance began when she played soccer in high school and noticed a significant rise in her performance after adjusting her diet.

She has spent a lifetime coaching people to their best versions of themselves. She is an experienced Personal Tranier in the Crossfit setting for people of all ages. This led her to teaching health and fitness to inner city students for three years at a College Preparatory in Dallas, TX.

Sarah now works along side her husband delivering the message of health and helping others experience what a lifestyle built around your genetics can do for personal happiness and well-being. She has seen this first hand, not only in her clients but in her personal life as well.

Diagnosed with stroke-like migraines at the age of twelve, IBS and multiple food intolerances Sarah knows first hand how your environment and lifestyle can affect your quality of life. Sarah has been migraine free for over three years since applying what she knows about epigenetics and has not had IBS symptoms for the same amount of time. She is committed to helping others who want to gain freedom in their health. 

And They Live Happily Ever After

Dr. Fox and Sarah have a busy life and family and teach you strategies to create a more productive, happier, and healthier family. They provide support for smart lifestyle choices for busy families, how moms can have the healthiest babies before and after child birth, and the leading family routines that will optimize health and reduce stress.   

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