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Get a virtual high performance health consult and learn what could be blocking your optimal body performance with practical steps to address them.



Get advanced lab test analytics mailed directly to your home or office, to reveal the top causes that promote disease and inhibit performance.



We create a customized step-by-step blueprint, based on your results with consideration of your unique genetic make up.

High Performance Results

It's possible to have long term sustainable results for high performance through implementing and integrating realistic transformative solutions in a unique process designed just for you.



Evidence Based Blueprint

You will work with our team to co-create a customized program of precision lifestyle modifications that includes a specific group of evidence-based modalities to optimize seven foundational aspects of health. These aspects are sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, hormones, environment and brain function.


About Us


What people are saying about our services...

"Dr. Fox has had such a positive impact on my life. Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect and I have received far beyond what I could have imagined in terms of overall well being. I feel better and look better and have an overall wonderful feeling about life. Dr. Fox and his wife, Sarah are amazing people! You should definitely check them out if you are interested in improving your overall well being! "


"I'm 79 years old and diagnosed with colon cancer last summer. Successful surgery and five months of chemo seems to have eliminated the cancer but the chemo had devastating effect on my body. Decided to try Dr. Fox, after just a couple of months I feel like a new person! His treatment produces results that elevate health to a new level. "


"I Love the attention that my wife and I receive from Dr. Fox and his staff. Not only does he explain the reason for the particular treatment but I feel that Dr. Fox is very knowledgeable and is concerned for our health. I highly recommend this office. "


"Absolutely love this place! I was skeptical at first, couldn't possibly help my arthritic pain, which enveloped me daily. Within two weeks of beginning treatment the pain began to subside! I had more energy and could sleep better at night! Dr Fox and Sarah are friendly, caring individuals, who totally walk the walk. Meeting them was my lucky day! "


Live Life On Your Terms

Working with our human potential team, you become the architect of your own evolution—for yourself and for the generations that follow. Simply by making strategic lifestyle changes, you have the potential to epigenetically alter genetic expression and transform many aspects of your life. Schedule your FREE consult today.


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